Custom made original digital drawings to capture your special memories such as newborn babies, special memories with family or friends, travelling, achievements, holiday, wedding day, engagements, birthdays, mothers day, fathers day, special place. Open to creating a drawing for any special occasion!


Turn your busy photos into a work or art to display at your home or to give as a very special gift, knowing that it will suit most home decors and emphasises whats most important in those special memories.


  • Email Alice a good quality photo with lots of light in the image
  • I will hand draw from your photo and from what you tell me. If its of people I will try capture the likeness of the person but bare in mind I draw outlines rather than all the detail, to keep the drawing simplified and not over worked.
  • I will send the final draft version to you to see that you are happy with it before it goes to the printers. 1 edit will be allowed if needed.
  • Print friendly from your home printer, or use an online printing company.
  • The images I send are to be used for personal use only and not for resale of any kind.


Please support artists work by including me when you share with others Artwork by Alice Jones @enjoyandpaint


Custom Made Digital Drawings - Digital file only

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