New DIY Painting Experiences now available

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

I’m super excited to announce.. that our DIY Painting Kits are now available to buy! We have turned our popular Mandala Calm canvas painting into a DIY Painting Kit, allowing you to paint from the comfort of your home at a time that best suits you.

With more of us spending more time at home, art and painting can serve as a great outlet for self-care and focus, providing the opportunity for creativity, mindfulness and a much-needed chance to unwind.

Click here to buy a Mandala Calm DIY Painting Kit now!

Perfect for singles, couples, families and friends, we have designed the DIY Mandala Calm to be an easy picture to paint, whilst being a fun painting idea that can be hung up on your wall at home. Eye-catching and colourful, once finished your canvas painting will brighten any room and refresh your interior, or will make the perfect personal gift idea for a friend or family member’s birthday.

What are DIY Painting Experiences?

Our carefully crafted DIY Painting Experiences by Enjoy and Paint are a fun and easy way to tap into your creative, artistic side at home, or anywhere you like. They have been designed for you to paint on your own at a time that suits you best. You could even purchase multiple painting kits to paint along with friends both at home or virtually, or create your own birthday celebration or hen party with a twist. Our painting kits also make great gift ideas, perfect for birthday presents, Mother’s Day gifts, Christmas presents or anniversary gifts.

What do the DIY Painting Kits include?

The DIY Painting Kits include all the materials and tools you need to create your canvas painting, so you can start your painting straight away. All you require is some water and a water cup / old jar.

Our paint kits include acrylic paints, a 30 x 30cm Primed canvas, a colourful How-To Guide with clear step-by-step painting instructions and photos, a cutout template, design template, chalk, string, wiping cloth and eco friendly packaging. All this from $40 per kit plus the option to purchase a reusable paint palette, paintbrush set and a shimmer paint pot to add that additional shimmer and shine!

Are DIY Painting Experiences suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. Our DIY Painting Experiences are perfect for beginner painters or anyone who hasn’t painted in a while. Even if you are an amateur painter, our painting kit is a fun activity if you’re looking for something different or new to paint, with everything included which gives you with more time on our hands. Our acrylic painting for beginners kit also includes a helpful How-To Guide providing professional painting tips and tricks to help you along the way.

What is Mandala Calm?

Mandala Calm is a meaningful painting to create on your own or with others. The word ‘Mandala’ derives from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit meaning ‘circle’ and circle mandalas are one of the most popular forms of mandala paintings. They tap into your creativity, of powerful existence and are a symbol of deeper connection with the self and the whole universe. Today, mandalas are popular for meditation, whilst helping relieve anxiety and stress. They also give you the time to appreciate nature’s beauty and form a greater personal connection with yourself and others.

Allow yourself to clear your mind and start painting!

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