Introducing our Custom-Made Digital Drawings

I am super excited to reveal the latest product in my Enjoy And Paint product range. Art By Alice offers affordable, original custom-made digital drawings to capture your special memories from photographs.

What are custom-made digital drawings?

My custom-made digital drawings turn your busy photographs into a work of art that can be displayed around your home or given as a unique gift to family and friends. Concentrating on the outlines of subjects through simplified lines, rather than every single detail, my drawings include only the important details from your photographs for the greatest visual effect.

Focusing on portrait photographs, I can capture and digitise your special memories with family and friends. Whether that’s a newborn baby, an engagement, your wedding day, a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a family gathering or anniversary. I can even include your special family pet! My custom-made digital drawings are an easy process to turn your favourite photos into an original drawing. All I require is a high-res photo with plenty of light. From this, I can focus on the important details that you suggest to create your piece of art and send you the final image for review before it goes to print. If you choose the printed option, your design will be printed at A4 or A3 and delivered to you. You will also receive your design as a PDF format and smaller PNG files to share with your friends or family.

Who are our custom-made digital drawings for?

Display your digital portrait drawings around your home or give them as a gift to your family and friends. My portrait drawings are perfect for birthday presents, anniversary gifts, Christmas presents or a unique Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift. Based in Sydney, I can create drawings for anyone in Australia and throughout the world. How can I buy one?

No stress! Follow our simple ordering process:

1. Order your personalised custom-made digital drawing (from $90 AUD)

2. Email us your special photo

3. Hand drawn sketch created by Alice

4. Digitalised and customised

5. Receive your digital copy PDF and PNG. file via email (5-9 day or sooner from ordering)

6. Print at any size to fit your wall or give it as a meaningful gift

(Print option at A4 or A3 available, posted to you)

From photo to unique artwork

What’s the story behind Enjoy And Paint’s custom-made digital drawing?

From an early age, I have always loved to draw and capture special moments on paper. This love of art has only grown stronger when I achieved a 1st class BA (Hons) Drawing And Applied Arts degree from the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK in 2010, and went on to win numerous prestigious art awards at various exhibitions.

In 2018 my daughter Zoe was born and I found myself taking countless photos of her, but I could only view these photos on my phone. I wanted to print some out to display in our home and to give as gifts, but found them too busy to display. I also wanted to give gifts that would be tasteful and suit family and friends’ home décor. This is what inspired me to create custom-made digital drawings. I soon received varied commissions which made me realise how suitable my drawings are to capture any special memory and photo you have!

Why should you buy a custom-made digital drawing?

• They are an affordable option (starting from $90), compared to very detailed portraits (often $500+) which are often overworked and do not suit where you want the artwork to go.

• Quick turnaround, they require approximately five to nine days to complete. Depending on workload. If you choose the digital version, they can be emailed to you straight away once finalised.

• Meaningful and tasteful gift option to suit any home décor style.

• Have those truly special moments created into a work of art to enjoy forever and for others to see.

• Makes the perfect gift for any special occasion.

5 Reasons to choose a portrait drawing over a photograph?

1. A bespoke gift idea My custom-made portrait drawings make a unique and personal present for any occasion. If you are looking for something a little different that can be loved and treasured for years to come, then why not get your very own piece of artwork commissioned.

2. Supports a local artist By purchasing my portrait drawings, you are supporting a local artist and small business owner. Every drawing I create receives great care, precision and pride with a high level of attention to detail. I also love to learn about your story and the memory behind the photo so please feel free to share this with me so I can focus on this element too.

3. Timelessness My digital drawings are eye-catching and last a lifetime. The hand-drawn element creates an organic line to tastefully capture important details from your photos. The design is digitalised so that it enables you to print at any size to fit any space or room redecoration.

From photo to tasteful artwork for your home or give it to someone as a special gift

4. Can go anywhere in the home Due to the simplified nature of my drawings and specific emphasis on certain features, my digital drawings can be showcased anywhere in your home. If colour is chosen, neutral tones are used. Hang up on your living room wall, place on your bedside table or feature on your desk at work. Wherever you place them, they’re sure to make a great talking point.

5. Print in any size Customisable for you, my digital drawings can either be sent as a digital version, allowing you to print from your home printer or an online printing company at your convenience. Alternatively, your design can be printed at A4 or A3 size matt archival paper and posted to you. The digital versions are perfect for anyone who wants to add their own personal touch through the printing and packaging and great to send as a gift to loved ones around the world.

Find out more about Art By Alice or contact me directly with any questions you might have.

With special thanks to the talented Fiona Bennett at FB Copywriting for putting my ramblings into this inspiring and informative blog post!