DIY Painting Kits coming soon!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Yes! its not quite here yet... but wanted to get the word out there and we are alittle excited! We will soon be able to sell DIY Painting Kits on our website!

What are they?

They are painting kit including all the materials and tools to create the selected painting. These creative kits are aimed at beginners to be able to paint on their own in their own time, as a date night, with friends or to celebrate a hen party or birthday. They make a great gift and there is an option to select gift wrapping with a personal note.

Why are you creating them?

We all need time for creativity, to switch off, be in the moment and have fun! We have been running social painting classes in Sydney for 3 years now and we have had inquiries about the option for those that could not make the sessions, who live out of Sydney. It is a flexible way to paint but without the stress of having to get all the required materials and tool (plus the right stuff!)

What makes the kits different from what's out there already?

Alice who is the owner and Arts Facilitator of Enjoy And Paint uses her knowledge of running painting classes and expertise to create the kits. It is not a big franchise so she is able to work directly with you if you have any queries or different requests.

It is also more creative then the 'paint by numbers' kits allowing you to add your personality, be brave and enjoy putting paint to canvas.

Alice is also eco conscious with her selection of materials and tools, not including unnecessary packaging and going for recyclable options where possible.

How can I buy the kits?

Soon!! We will have the kits for sale on this website, you can select the painting and postage options.

How much will the painting kits be?

Still to be confirmed with final costing but they will be for sale for around $50 each.

In the mean time, please add yourself to our mailing list and we will let you know when they become available.

Thank you! Please see the vid I created with more info and to meet me if you haven't already!

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